Letters from God-Mother to God-Daughter
and visa versa

"Author: Tanya
Date: 10/12/96 03:09 PM
Priority: Normal
TO: Josie
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Hello Josie !

I just had to remind you of how cute you are - especially when you're all white and muddy ! How on earth (excuse the pun) did you manage to get all that dirt on all four paws, on your back and even on your nose ?) You really must be very clever ! That cold bath must have been just awful ! But then again, you did look rather beautiful afterwards - fit for a queen, probably more so like a princess, once you were all cleaned up. I bet your Mum was real mad at you - but I bet if the truth really be known, she probably had a bit of a giggle !

Thank you for the wonderful photos, I really do love them ... do you think you could ask your Mum for another one when you grow up ?

Have a neat Christmas and don't eat those glass-Christmas-balls you'll see hanging off the tree, they can make you choke and hurt you inside! The bows will be much better fun to tear apart, but you better hide the evidence, otherwise Mum will be angry (again). I wonder how many pressies will be under the tree for you - probably heaps, as I'm sure you are going to be really spoiled. And rightly so, this will be your very first Christmas, and also a summer Christmas, not a white one - Brrrrrrrr ... more like panting !!!

Be good (if you can) between now and Christmas so Santa will be kind to you, and if you ring 0800 000 000, you can talk to Santa direct !

Cherio for now ..."

"Author: Josie
Date: 16/1/97 10:02 AM
Priority: Normal
Receipt Requested
TO: Tanya
Subject: Letter to my God Mother from Josie
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dear tanya,

don't listen to my mother - i'm not really as bad as she makes me out to be. it's just that i get bored in that dog kennel all day. well, yesterday i decided to get determined to bury one of my bones. i managed to get both paws through the chain link fence and reach the bank on the side of the kennel. then i did my best to try and dig a hole. it was slow going and i didn't get very far, but did manage to get quite a bit of dirt into the kennel and bits and pieces of it in my coat. didn't get the hole deep enough to bury the bone and haven't quite figured out how to get the bone through the link fence once i did get the hole deep enough.

well, today i started anew bright and early and was really making progress when mum came out to do the final cleanup of our poop. she didn't seem to appreciate the progress i was making and in fact was quite a spoilsport about it. she found a nice long board about a foot high and dropped it between the link fence and the dirt bank. you might guess that put an end to my ingenuity and progress on digging a hole for my bone. not only that, she hosed my rear parts down with a cold hose. she said they were all muddy. it's just 'cuz i'm so white - it makes me look worse than it is.

please ask my mum not to be such a killjoy. i can't tear duncan apart during the day because we are in separate kennels. we do manage to pass a sock under the adjoining gate now and then, but otherwise it's pretty boring. will you talk to her for me?

love, josie

Author: Tanya
Date: 16/1/97 10:39 AM
Priority: Normal
TO: Josie
Subject: Re: Letter to my God Mother from Josie
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My Dearest Josie

Oh my !!!!, you have been b-u-s-y and very, very clever, but you are going to have to learn to hide the evidence.

I'll have to talk to your Mum to remind her that you are still only a puppy (a naughty one sometimes, but nonetheless, still a puppy), and puppies can be mischievous, and do get bored very easily. I know I wouldn't want to be cooped up all day in my kennel, knowing that Duncan is just next door, and to think of all those things you could be doing together in the yard. Leave it with me and I'll see what I can do, but don't tell Mum you spoke with me direct, she may get upset.

I'm sorry, but I have to agree with your Mum when she hosed your rear end down this morning, with mighty cold water ; but I'm afraid to say, I would have done exactly the same thing. You're beautiful and white, and we want to keep you that way!

I believe that Duncan ran away the other day, and you were good enough to take him by his paw and lead him home; that really was very, very worthy of you. You must remember to keep an eye on him, because he is very little, and needs guidance and leadership! (But don't display too many bad habits, it could be the beginning of his down-fall).

By the way, it isn't such a good thing dragging Duncan by his ears, as he has to be looking his absolute best when he is in the Show-Ring, as do you, so keep that bottom clean and that coat white !

From Your Loving & Understanding God-Mother


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