Excerpts from letters written by people who have purchased Lorgair puppies ......

Heidi's owner in Christchurch

I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed Heidi as a puppy.  From the day she came home to us she has been a pleasure in every way.  Every command was learnt quickly and she was clean and tidy inside the house and slept through the night from day 1.  She is very loving and everyone loves her kind and loving nature, so good with little children also.
Heidi came to me in such good health and beautiful coat, which can be put down to the good food and healthy environment she was raised in.  My 1st and 2nd visit to my vet, he commented and wrote on her chart "excellent".  I'm so happy with her.  I have recommended your kennel to people that have enquired about puppies after seeing Heidi.  Also I would like to thank you for on-going support with any questions regard to Heidi.

Brandy's owners in Dunedin 

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how happy we are with Brandy, she is a great puppy and fits in well with our family. I have taken her to puppy class and she is just about finished the first session of obedience and she is very smart and a quick learner. I am always amazed at how quickly she catches on. I am enjoying training and working with her and plan on continuing with further training. The kids adore her and play with her heaps, the cat however is not as impressed!

Heather's owners in Nelson

Heather is growing fast - hard to believe she is six months old!  She is still a bundle of joy - couldn't imagine life without her now. 
Heather has finished puppy school and is now enrolled to go to good citizen classes - with a bit of agility thrown in!  She loves all the other puppies and is a bit of a queen in fact.
  We had to go to CHCH last week and we put Heather in the Kennels for the first time - apparently she fell in love with all the other dogs and didn't want to go home!  She absolutely loves the water - any river or the ocean she dives in head first - our puppy instructor told me that she is a beautiful swimmer – so thought you should know that. 

 Amber's owners in Dunedin

It was great to see the photos of your two, Amber is doing really well, and is still a constant delight to us.  In fact, she is coming away with us for the first time this weekend, so I think we have some excitement in store! We're going to Wanaka for a long weekend, so should be fun...
As expected, everyone who comes into contact with her falls in love, she's a real Frisbee and ball dog like her dad,  and loves the beaches, but not yet a swimmer, just a paddler for the time being which suits me fine!
Puppy training classes were a good move, she has some manners, and best of all, loves going to the vet as she associates it with training fun, we can't walk past without her begging to go in.
Her colouring has come through now, and is beautiful, she's very pale with some golden highlights, I guess somewhere between Josie and Nikita.
All the best
, M&SA
PS even the cat is now impressed with the new addition!

Annie's owners in Hawaii

Annie is just adorable, we love her to bits and so does everyone who sets eyes on her. She has settled in remarkably well and is very well behaved. …
It didn't take her long to get her appetite back, but her favourite 'meal' is early in the morning when I make my tea, she gets a bowl of milk and shares my oatmeal biscuit. She was very easy to teach to sit and shake paw before eating.
This probably sounds like she's spoiled rotten! But she's being disciplined so that she's well behaved, there's nothing worse than having a badly behaved dog ruling a household.
Bye for now, H

Pepper's owners in Paihia

Pepper has grown into an almost full size, healthy, fun loving dog. He is great. His favourite game is chasing the broom while we sweep the backpackers, he makes a hell of a noise which is good, because it gets the lazy ones up and out of the hostel so we can clean.
We also have a lady who stay
s with us who has fallen in love with pepper, and takes him daily to the beach and walks him for a few hours. She is 77 and probably gets just as much out of it.
Pepper loves the water, he didn't at first but it didn't take him long to
become a natural in the water.

JW and family

Lily's owner in Temuka

My "wee" girl is growing far too quickly!!  I so wanted her to be little for longer!! I think she is going to be a BIG girl. Her feet are huge...at least as big as Rosie's are now. They seem to flop around at the end of her gangly skinny legs and she falls over them frequently!!! She really is a funny little thing..I call her "silly Lily".  I drive to the river on hot days so she can come too.  She absolutely loves water...I can't keep any water bowl/bucket/basin full for them as she paddles around in them all and if she can't tip them over she eventually splashes them empty! I bought her a paddling pool which she loves...but the water bowls are her favorite! She is so willing to please and heels well on the lead, gives "high fives," twirls, rolls over and plays touch..she knows leave, stay and wait and is learning to go to the porch and wait like her big sister does. We have just mastered the fetch and she's learning to hang onto the toy until I take it from her. She's loves learning things esp if food is the end result.  She really loves her food!!!!


Viking's owner in Tahiti

Dearest Sy,  Viking is marvellous. This afternoon my friends, my neighbours here came to meet Viking. They know dogs very well.  They where astonished by his so good education, no noise, calm, seems to be very happy. He is very well with my older male cat. We where 3  near the TV  no problem. I tell him "sit" he understand-"stop it" same- come along-good dog-get up-so sweet-(English only now, later French.)

NB  (French is her native language)

Jack's owners in Auckland

Oh he arrived safe and sound, and is totally gorgeous!!  He's settled in so well, and even impressed me by sleeping through the night!  He's absolutely lovely, and right now is sleeping on my feet as I type!


Maggie's owners in Christchurch

Maggie is being an absolute delight.  The first two nights she woke around 4am – arhh – but a quick visit to the grass and she settled so quickly for another two hours. Now she goes through til around 6am.  All #2’s and most of #1’s are all outside. The first couple of days were not so good but we are all much better at watching for the signs and she is getting better every day. With the amazing good weather and the doors all open, she has even taken herself out a couple of times.

As for food, not a problem, everything goes down asap. I hand feed the first few dry kibble and Maggie knows to sit before she gets any, it stops the jumping straight away.  She has met lots of people and been very friendly and accepting of all the attention. We even had visitors for three nights and she took it in her stride. She also loves visiting the office, though she doesn’t like the box and prefers to sleep under a desk.

The boys are all enjoying her immensely, even the reluctant 15yr old is feeding, toileting and playing with her.

 We have had a few quakes this weekend, one a 4.9, and Maggie just looks around and lies down again, very laid back puppy. Even the vacuum cleaner is not a problem, she just walks away from it and goes to her basket.


Jazz' owners in Auckland

I just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the puppy. She is all cuddles and is very confident and laid back for a puppy that is so young and in new surroundings.  She comes to me every time I call her even when exploring in the garden. Hope it stays like that lol. She had a good night probably because she was exhausted from her trip up.  Thank you for arranging things, it made everything very easy for us. Will keep in touch.


Skipper's owners in Auckland

We have decided to call ours “Skipper” just like his Dad. He has settled in so easily, Jack seems to be pretty comfortable with him. Skipper just trails around after big Jack, they have even cuddled up for a sleep together.  We are very happy with our puppy. He has been very good with toileting too and goes when we put him out on the grass.


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