Just Being Our Nutty Selves

Duncan - You think I can't see .. but there are holes in the bottom of these really groovy  plastic flower pots .. makes a neat Kaleidoscope !!

Duncan - I love my Frisbee & the snow in Scotland !!

... and my Scottish League Rugby ball.

Bailey Scores 2 Points

Amy and the bunnies

Hamish - I love Duncan's Gorilla !!

Giggling Puppy

Amy and Snow Days

Winky - always turns her bowl over when she finishes eating !!
Dobby doing a lazy warm up for a game of footie

Lily and Rosie
owned by Heather de Jetley
Lily is from Abbey & Skipper's 2010 litter

owned by Nicola and Ryan Hewitt
Kito is from Nikita and Hamish's litter Dec 2005
Duncan, Briar, and Ben
owned by Bill & Morfydd Barker
Duncan (my first foundation dog), Briar from Nikita and Hamish's Dec 2005 litter, Ben from Jesse and Ace's 2007 litter

Let's bury Bill in the sand ...

... and that young Briar is how you take a dip in the sea.


Just having a lie in, thanks

Briar receiving the key to the house at 3 years old

A golden carpet
owned by the 3 children in the Geekie family
OK, I'm ready to go out shopping.  Let's do lunch too, eh?

I applied with this modelling agency and they asked me to sit for a test screening.
What do you think?  Don't you just love my hat !!
I think I sat very nicely and hope to hear back from them soon.

Misc Photos

Lucca - Nikita ex Hamish 2004

Lucca at the beach

Brodie the sailor - Abbey ex Skipper 2009 litter

Luka - Nikita ex Hamish litter 2004

Luka - 3 years old


Hugo - Jesse ex Ace litter 2007
Fun in the snow

Oliver with Wilma flying high
Oliver - Nikita ex Hamish litter 2005

Christmas 2011
Pixi and Storm
Duncan and Nikita grandchildren

Christmas 2012
"Pixi" and "Storm"


Lily:  “My tummy hurts”

Heather:  “I gave you the herbal cramp medicine now stop being a wimp!”

Lily:  “Well, it didn’t work and anyway I feel really really sad.  You won’t let me go outside with Rosie. You make me wear silly blue panties that have Thursday on them and today is Friday. Besides, I made sure I got up on the chair that had the cats blanket on it.  I don’t know why you’re so mad at me..human ladies eat chocolate and ice cream, moan about being fat, get grumpy and it happens every month!  All I want to do is sleep on a chair...sheesh!”

Heather: speechless

Lily: “since you’re up waving that camera around, would you get me another piece of banana and peanut butter?”

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