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There are normally one or two Lorgair litters born annually.  We are a small well established breeding kennel that rear our puppies with a difference  All our puppies are raised on biologically natural diets and foods free of pesticides causing cancer that can shorten a dog's life by 30%.  Pesticides (Bt and others) are spliced into the DNA of each cell in corn, wheat, barley, rice, and soy of most commercial dog foods because they use genetically modified ingredients.  If you have an interest in a Lorgair puppy, please send enquiries by e-mail to sy@lorgair.com along with a bit of information about where you live, the type of property the puppy will live on (securely fenced is a must), family members and if you have children, their ages.  Also let me know if this is a first dog or if you  have pets or have had pets before.  If you plan to show, do obedience, field or agility, let me know this as well.  Lorgair pups are socialised before leaving home.  The puppies are reared on special weaning formulas to ensure a good start to building solid bone, cartilage and collagen.  Puppy owners can chose from one of the 3 recommended diets to follow until age 18 months to give their puppy a good start to life.   If you would like the Lorgair information package sent to you, please send an email.

Puppies need stimulation.  The Lorgair daytime puppy play centre is designed to stimulate and get puppies used to movement (unstable ground) and sounds.  The wading pool with 200 balls and plastic bottles gets puppies used to movement underneath them.  The Adventure Box gets them used to moving objects around them and clanky sounds.  Some of the stuff like the tunnel and big balls are just fun.
This is a YouTube link to typical socialisation and stimulation of a Lorgair litter -


5 week old pups
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Litter born 11 September -- all puppies pre-sold

Previous Litter Photos, Movies, & Survey Results

Amy ex Jake - DOB 3 July 2015

Ticketty-Boo ex Hamish (AI) - DOB  4 August 2012

Abbey ex Skipper - DOB  27 December 2011

Jacey ex Angus - DOB 6 May 2011

Indy ex Cayman - DOB 23 November 2010

Photos from previous litters --

3 day old pups

16 day old pups

3 week old pups

Strauss & Amelia - 9 months

Luka - 4 months

Midas - 5 months

Zach - 3 years

Leo - 3 years

Armani -  1 year old

Darby - 7 months

Darby & Jayne - 7 mos.

Max - 10 months

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