Amy ex Jake Litter 2015

Lorgair Chasing Fantasies


Bred by: Sy Guth      Owned by: Ms Sy Guth

Hips: 2:1      Elbows:  0:0
Clear Eye Certificate:  Aug 2014
Reg No 04220-2011

Rosiedell Major Jake

DOB: 19/7/2008

Bred by: Fenella & C C Liddell  Owned by  Krystal Wall & Mark Schrama

Hips:  4:4   Elbows:  B:1
Clear Eye Certificate:  February 2015
Reg No 08774-2008


Puppies born
4 girls / 6 boys

 puppies all sold

Puppies born 3 July 2015

1 Day Old

3 Days Old

4 Days Old
Left to Right by Collar Colour -- Red, Brown, Yellow, Grey, Orange
Black, White (in front), Blue, Beige, Green


6 Days Old

1 week old
cuddled up with mum on a cold winter's night

2 weeks old
We're starting to open our eyes
 and even wobbling a little on our wee legs.


4 weeks old

5 weeks old - first day in play centre is a week due to rainy weather

6 weeks old with individual puppy pictures
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