Corrievern Sweet Music




Josie was a world traveller.  She was born in Scotland in 1996 and at age 16 weeks made the 40-hour trip to New Zealand.
In 1999, when I moved to Scotland to take up a job with NCR, Josie and Duncan came with me.  Snow picture is of Josie at the house in Scotland.
In late 2001 when I returned to New Zealand, Josie, Duncan and Nikita flew back to New Zealand.
Josie loved to show me why they named the stream at the bottom of the ravine in the Waitakeres where we lived until 1999 - Little Muddy Creek

Josie was a lovely lass and she and Duncan were bosom buddies.

RIP my sweet girl


Birth:  26 July 1996   Died:  July 2003

Sire:  Darrochonna Sullivan

Dam:  Giogan Briadha's Girl Of Corrievern

Hips:  5:5   Eye Certificate:  2001

Bred by:  Sheila Cockburn, Loch Lommond, Scotland.  Owned by: Sy Guth

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