Sandlewood Spring-Spice



Best Veteran in Show, 2004

Judge Mr Mervyn Philpott, Westley & Standerwick Goldens UK
Southern Golden Retriever Speciality
Champion Show 2004, May 2004
Shown by Ms Emma Case, NZ Champion Junior Handler 2002

Judge's Critique - "Very nice outline.  Nice head and expression,
good shoulders and front.  Level topline and good hindquarters.
 In good coat.  Excellent mover and well handled and presented."

Duncan, always the gentleman, displayed strong retrieving instincts.
 His favourite sports were Rugby and Frisbee.  His favourite toys were
his collection of Teddy Bears. 


Birth:  28 October 1996,

Bred by Gaye Nelson, Sandlewood Kennels      Owned by  Sy Guth and later, Bill and M Barker



Hips:  3:4    Elbows:   0:0    Clear Eye Certificate:  July 2005

"Normal healthy heart" scan & heart beat: January 2004 Andrew Postles, B.V.Sc, M.B.A.

Pedigree:  Sandlewood Spring-Spice

Return to Lorgair Dogs

6 weeks old - Waitakerie Ranges, Auckland

8 weeks old

10 weeks old

Duncan 8 weeks - Josie 5 months

Duncan 8 weeks - Josie 5 months

7 weeks old

around 7 months old - training

around 7 months old - Auckland speciality show

around 7 months old - Auckland show

7 years old - SGRC Speciality show
Tribute to a Great Dog
 Dearest Duncan, stoic to the end
When asked, there wasn’t anything you wouldn’t do.
Dedication and companionship yours to lend
To those of us who were close to you.
You were told off when young
For letting Josie wander away and get lost.
But, smart as you were you learned your lesson
And after that you were her keeper at all costs.
When we went to fetch Nikita in England,
A gentleman was the part you played,
And on the long drive back to Scotland you lent her
Your shoulder, upon which her head she laid.
On the long trip back to New Zealand
The girl’s paws you held ever so gentle
Their protector and guardian you remained
Until the time I re-joined you at the kennels.
Your energy for life was beyond all limits
And as was said of you, you LOVED LIFE !
You played rugby, but most amazing of all
Without turning around you would leap up and
Pick those Frisbees out of the air without strife.
A Sire you were and fathered thirty-one puppies
And let them jump over you and chew your ears.
Your children grew strong and true and
You set an example of how to live without fear.
You were loyal to all those close to you
And never wavered from your protective duty.
You loved the dog shows and gaited with pride
And when groomed you were such a beauty.
In 2006, you were marched off to Golden Bay
With Bill and M to raise the young pup Briar.
Cheeky as you were you taught him well,
Except for those dead hens that became fryers.
Your later days were filled with beach runs,
Swimming in the bay, running on the sand.
Nights curled up in front of the TV and fire,
Or on Bill’s lap getting stroked by his hand.
Oh yes, let us not forget those eyes that you used
To get want ever it was you were wanting.
You mastered that “sad” eyed look
When only 10 weeks old and it was daunting.
So forgive us our tears, as we wave you good-bye,

Run along our good boy over Rainbow's Bridge
For Josie is waiting to introduce you to new friends

And show you the fields just over the next ridge.

Go run free, b
asked in golden glory and light
Over heavens acres of golden fields
With golden sunshine ever so bright
And whatever golden heaven yields.

A Golden Retriever you will always be !
 28 October 1996 -  28 December 2011

Duncan & Josie 3 years old, Scotland

Duncan, 4 years old, Scotland

Duncan around 6 years old, Kaituna Valley

Duncan, 6 years old with son Zach

Duncan 6 years old

Bill & M, Duncan and Briar, Golden Bay

Duncan 9 years old with Briar

Duncan 11 years old with Briar

Duncan, 14 years old with Bill, Briar, and Ben

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