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Dobby - 2 years
Dobby is the intelligent one and has a sly sense of humour and very waggy tail

Birth:  14 September 2004 - 19 February 2018

Bred by Sy Guth, Lorgair Golden Retrievers    Owned by:  Sy Guth

Hips:  12:6     Elbows: 0:0    Clear Eye Certificate:  30 June 2011   Thyroid:  Normal



Pedigree:  Lorgair Catch of the Day

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Farewell to my House Elf


Having chose Dobby at 2 days old, she asked to stay with me at 6 weeks

it was a very mutual agreement.

She loved to tease the other dogs.  Normally by taking their toy and not giving it back.

And then grinning at them.

Dobby, my unassuming quet angel.  Never put a foot wrong.

Oh how many times I would be calling her to come,

Only to look down and see her sitting quietly by my left side

and probably thinking, how long are you going to call me?

I'm right here ... I'm always at your side.

Go rest in peace my wee Golden Ambassadore

I love you so much.

   Dobby at 12 years old

Dobby at 3 years old and at 12 years old 


Dobby with her favourite bunny rabbit


Dobby and her puppies in 2007


Left - Narla (sister & her owner, Susan), Dobby, Nikita (Mum), Jesse (sister)  2007  /
 Right - Dobby and her favourite brother, Scamp, March 2016 with Scamps owners the Narayans


Dobby, Nikita, Kerry   ......... Kerry, Nikita, Dobby  2007


Dobby's Farewell picture -- stealing Maggie Mae's ball -- cheeky to the end

13 + years old

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