Abbey ex Skipper Litter
Born 27 December 2011
Lorgair Sweetheart Abbey

DOB:  9 March 2008
Bred by:  Sy Guth  Owned by:  Sy Guth
Hips:  7:11   Elbows:  0:0   Clear Eye Cert: July 2011
Inniscroft Pacific Skipper

DOB:  11 May 2007
Bred by:  Margaret Kerr  Owned by:  Sy Guth
Hips:  7:5   Elbows:  0:0   Clear Eye Cert: July 2011
Puppies born 27 December 2011
6 Girls and 3 Boys
All pups are sold - next litter in 5 to 7 months

Day 1

4 Days

12 days old
Pups 2 weeks old

Notes for watching the videos -- if you start the play of the video
and then hover the mouse over the bottom of the play screen
a menu bar will appear.  Click on the icon to the far right of the menu bar
and it will bring the video up in full screen mode.  Click on ESC
to return to the original size video.

3 weeks old

Rainy Sunday lunch - just shy of 4 weeks old

4 1/2 Weeks Old
28 Jan 2012

nearly 6 Weeks Old
5 Feb 2012
Individual head and body shots of each pup

6 1/2 weeks old
12 February 2012

The last night all the pups were together out on the lawn.
Plus some pics of some of the pups in their new homes.