Line-Breeding Notes

Puppies result from either a "line" breeding or an "out cross" breeding.  Line-breeding means that there are common ancestors in the pedigree.  Out cross breeding means there are no common ancestors.  There is no right or wrong breeding in regards to "line" vs "out cross".  In a line-breeding you are more certain of your outcome in both confirmation and temperament, than breeding two totally different lines together.

Stanroph Endelwood Nikita at Lorgair (Imp UK) is my foundation bitch for Lorgair Golden Retrievers.  I imported her in 2001 on my return from living in Scotland.   Other English lines play a notable part in my lines as well.  Both Sandlewood Spring-Spice (Duncan) and Dellapoint Sailor First Mate (Hamish) were sired by Margaret Evans' dogs "Stanley" and "Sailor" (Vanrose Kennels)  who were imported from the UK and have strong ties to the Stanroph lines.  Vanrose Maratyme Stardust is the second foundation bitch and is jointly owned by Margaret Evans and myself and also sired by "Sailor".  Nikita, Hamish and Dusty are all grandchildren of CH Stanroph Sailor Boy (UK), whose lineage tends to have a strong likeness to him.  As a result, my puppies are fairly consistent in type.  There is a strong likeness between Nikita and Dusty.  Also a strong likeness between Kerry (daughter of Nikita and Duncan) and Annie (daughter of Dusty and Hamish). 

My litters are line-bred, meaning there are common ancestors in the background.  Normally the common ancestors are no closer than 3rd generation.  I can track my dogs back 45 generations which enables me to compile fairly good coefficent of inbreeding (COI) percentages.   Some of the COI figures on my litters are: 
Nikita ex Duncan 2002 & 2003 = 22.16%
                          (45 generations / 1558 ancestors back to Lord Tweedmouth's "Nell" & "Primrose" DOB 1800's.) 
Dusty ex Hamish 2004 = 29.91%
                          (44 generations / 1650 ancestors back to Lord Tweedmouth's "Nell" & "Primrose" DOB 1800's.). 
Nikita ex Hamish 2004 = 20.90%
                          (45 generations / 1811 ancestors back to Lord Tweedmouth's "Nell" & "Primrose" DOB 1800's.)

Sample pedigrees of line-breeding - Nikita + Duncan = Kerry:

Nikita - 2nd / 4th g (Stanroph Sailor Boy) and 3rd / 5th g (Stanroph Silent Tears)
and 5th g (Sansue Royal Faith) common ancestors.

Duncan is the result of a near out cross mating - 4th / 5th g common ancestors.

Kerry - puppy from Nikita & Duncan - common ancestor in 4th g and 3rd / 5th g and 3rd / 4th g and 4th / 5th g, etc.
The common ancestors being Sansue Castalian, Stanroph Shere Fantasy, and Stanroph Silent Tears.